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Electronic cigarette Sam - the carefree.

I'm fresh, handy and punctual : Ciao, I'm Sam

Electronic cigarette atomizer Easy refill tank cartrige Battery with color led.

Easy maintenance.

The easiest model of our electronic cigarette, you can take it to pieces and assemble it again easily to make a proper maintenance. This fantastic system lets you change any single piece any time you need it, saving money when you buy new spare parts.

Easy refilling

The Tank system is studied to simplify any refilling operation: you only need to extract it and insert it again and you can do that anywhere. Besides, thanks to its system at immersion you can taste the aromas with a fresh vapor.

Everything under control

Thanks to multicolor led technology, you can have control over the charge of the battery of your electronic cigarette. Any puff will light up the led, according to the quantity of charge left, signalling when it’s time to charge it, preserving you to run out of.

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