Vertical / Electronic cigarette Lucky

Electronic cigarette Lucky - The fortunate.

I'm what everyone is looking for : my name is Lucky

Battery under control Capacious atomizer Dual coil system

Battery under control.

The battery of the electronic cigarette named Lucky has been developed with a special battery control system, which warns you when the level is getting low, thanks to its led changing colours (green /yellow/red). You will never run out!

Capacious atomizer

The atomizer system used for our electronic cigarette Lucky is capacious enough to grant you a long lasting use, easy to feed and clean and very cheap: unscrewing the base of the atomizer it is possible to extract the resistance for a quick and economic replacement.

Double resistance System

The resistance is the component that makes the difference! In this fantastic electronic cigarette two different resistances have been inserted to vaporize your favourite flavour at its best! Distrust imitations ; this resistance is suitable both for standard lithium normal batteries voltage and for high voltage up to 4,2 v.

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