Our choices in liquid for our electronic cigarettes

V ertical made a large selection of the best liquids available on the market and we found out that the top quality products, here is our selection:

DKS e-liquids

DKS Flavor - Made in Italy

Thanks to the experience made in the field of aromas DKS Aromatic created the first e-liquid 100% natural for electronic cigarette. Only natural aromas, vegetal glycerin, Propylen Glycole from corn not modified and water. This is the tested and patented formula : excellent raw materials and no chemical agents. DKS e-liquids are transparent, exactly as you can you see them (standard ISO 9001) That’s why they have such a complete and tasty flavor. The aroma is double concentrated what makes your experience more intense and full bodied.

DEA FLAVOR e-liquids

Dea Flavor has origin in Trento from the passion of two entrepreneurs for the world of electronic cigarette. The company structure is made of 20 employees and in 2013, thanks to the financial investments , it will grant a production of about 20 millions bottles.They produce aromatic liquids for electronic cigarettes, paying attention to the research of raw materials which can grant products of the best quality.

LiquidRefill e-liquid

Refill liquids is an Italian brand by Auripen Srl which produces liquids for electronic cigarette. Al l the liquids have been studied to match the requirements of the most exigent consumers. Complex courses for certifications and analysis care of the Chemical Department of Perugia University have been covered to grant quality and uniqueness of the trademark Aria –liquidRefill products .

And now go strait on to products, buy your personal truth and start to enjoy these fantastic instruments.