Vertical / Electronic cigarette Devon

Electronic cigarette Devon - The thoroughbred.

Warmth, passion, power : my name is Devon

Variable voltage Battery Dual coil Systems Stainless steel Drip tip

Variable voltage system.

This innovative and unique system allows to adapt the vaporizing experience of your electronic cigarette Devon to any time of the day, from morning with a delicate vapor to the aperitif time with intense vapor and power.

Dual coil e-cig system

Devon’s double resistance system is absolutely unique: the result of its vaporization is something unexpected. Warmth, aroma and power are the main characteristics of this true thoroughbred.

Luxury accessories

Nothing is by chance with Vertical : even a electronic cigarette drip-tip can become a luxury accessory. Only for Devon we can offer three different stainless steel drip-tips. Distinguish yourself from common people!

Datasheet Devon