V ertical offer includes 5 batteries and 6 different vaporizing systems which have been appointed specifically to offer different vaporizing experiences, according to your exigencies, giving you pleasant sensations in different moments of the day. Reading this page, you will find all the characteristics of our electronic cigarettes, and you’ll be able to understand how they work perfectly. ask whatever you like about Vertical electronic cigarette: we'll be happy to tell you how it has been developed.


The battery of an electronic cigarette is the component which supply energy to the system: just like the battery of a cellular phone, that makes it light up, it allows the electronic cigarettes to vaporize. The battery used in electronic cigarette is usually a rechargeable battery with Polymers of Lithium 3,7 volts, with a power proportional to the size of the battery itself. The range of our battery goes from 190 mah to 900 mah, which can grant an adequate use at any time.
There are two types of batteries for electronic cigarette: Automatic or Manual; the first activate the vaporization when the inside sensor detects aspiration (that’s to say when you make a puff), while the manual ones work by means of an appropriate button, that allows even lightning and switch off.
The batteries shown in the upper picture are respectively Penny, Victoria, Sam, Lucky, Devon and Matt.
The only battery which differentiates from the others is Provari that is an important part of Matt model: thanks to a bung put under the body of the battery, that can be unscrewed , it is possible to insert different typologies of batteries. We enclose the most appropriate in the kit.

Vaporizing Systems

We offer the best vaporizing systems : if you tried the electronic cigarette already, even if you could think all of them are similar in shape, you will realize that our systems are absolutely revolutionary.
The vaporizing system is composed of an inside resistance, that thanks to the energy supplied by the battery, vaporizes your favourite aroma filled in the tank; some systems allows the sight of the liquid and some are covered.
In the above picture, starting from left, you can find the systems of Penny,Victoria, Lucky, Devon and Matt. Now goes to shopping, and buy your personal truth to enjoy these beautiful devices.